17C-D, No.1546 B, Dalian
  Road, Shanghai
Post: 201204
Tel: 86-21-65026798
Fax: 86-21-61294135

    Sturbo  Industrial  Co., Ltd was established in  2002 and started with auto  maintenance equipment, now has become a professional supplier of lifter, tyre changer, wheel balancer,
high pressure washing machine, etc. and some engines.

    By  introducing  Italian  technology and high-quality  fittings from other countries,  we has designed and produced the premium Sturbo lifters, which feature innovative design, comp-
act structure, strong  bearingcapacity and reliable performance.

    Our products have been exported to worldwide-Europe,  East Europe,  North and  South   America,  Australia,  Middle  East and  Asia.

    To  serve  our customer,  we source many other related tools such as tool cart,  jack, vac-
uum cleaner, air tool, and all kinds of hand tool, we do OEM manufacturing as well.

    So should you have any question or enquiry about our product, please do  not hesitate to  send e-mail  to us or leave message on our website. We will reply you ASAP.

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